'Pretty road bully' charged with reckless driving; played braking game with another driver for 21km

PHOTO: Stomp

A BMW driver played the braking game, changed lanes and reversed recklessly, even stopping her car in the middle of a busy traffic junction, causing another female driver to jam on her brakes repeatedly to avoid a collision. 

The incident happened on September 9, 2015,  as the duo were driving along a stretch of road measuring 21km, including the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Orange Grove Road, before stopping at Orchard Parade Hotel. 

Queeness Keng, 23, was charged with reckless driving, endangering the life of Ms Xu Xiumei, 48, a former businesswoman, reported Shin Min Daily News

Keng was studying in the United Kingdom at the time of the incident but has already graduated. 

The court heard that the entire incident was captured on the dashboard camera on Ms Xu’s car. 

From about 11.23pm, while Keng was driving along the PIE, she did not signal as she changed lanes from the second lane to the first. 

She then cut into the lane Ms Xu was on, and suddenly stopped her vehicle, causing the latter to slam on her brakes in order to avoid a collision.

At about 11.29pm, Keng was driving along Anderson Road, and changed from the rightmost lane onto the leftmost lane. 

During the process, Keng once again drove ahead of Ms Xu and stopped her vehicle.

Ms Xu was forced to jam on her brakes again and swerve right.

About a minute later, Keng repeated the braking game on Orange Grove Road, causing Ms Xu to swerve right again. 

Keng followed suit and for a moment hogged two lanes. 

Ms Xu had to stop her car as well. 

The two cars stopped for about a minute before Ms Xu reversed her vehicle.

Keng also reversed her vehicle. 

Despite Ms Xu sounding her horn at her, she continued reversing until the two vehicles reached a U-turn. 

At about 11.45pm, Keng moved from the third lane onto the second lane, blocking Ms Xu’s path before stopping her car again.

Ms Xu had to engage her emergency brake.

After that, Keng reversed her vehicle in intervals, causing Ms Xu to reverse as well, even as she sounded her horn at Keng. 

Keng finally alighted her BMW while it was stopped in the middle of Orchard Road, despite the busy traffic conditions.

Keng’s mother was also at the scene and witnessed the entire incident. 

The entire process lasted for more than 20 minutes.

Ms Xu lodged a police report the following day (Oct 20). 

It is estimated that Keng drove recklessly for about 22 minutes, and the stretch of road covered more than 21km.