Raging ang moh at Shashlik claims he owns the police, China and can shut restaurant down

Raging ang moh at Shashlik claims he owns the police, China and can shut restaurant down
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[Update June 21]

In response to AsiaOne's queries, Shashlik restaurant said that when the customer arrived, the kitchen was closed and in the midst of washing up.

A closed sign was also put up at the entrance of the restaurant.

Alan, co-owner of the restaurant, said: "The customer did not accept any explanations that we are unable to serve him. He became aggressive and started hurling abusive language at us."

He said that they called the police for assistance as the customer refused to leave and they were concerned about the safety of the other guests in the house and staff.

Alan added that such an incident has never happened in their 37 years of history.

"This is an unfortunate isolated incident and such behaviour can never be tolerated. Being professional and having the presence of mind to keep calm but yet firm, will be important lessons for us all," he said.

As they say, a hungry man is an angry man.

In a video clip shared on Reddit on June 19, a man can be seen verbally abusing a staff at a restaurant in Singapore

In the video posted, the foreigner can be heard spewing vulgarities and acting aggressively towards a male staff member of Shashlik Restaurant located at Far East Shopping Centre. 

In the video, the foreigner can be heard saying: "I will drop every last one of you. Back the f**k up."

He also threatened to shut down the establishment and "knock-out" the staff member. 

He yelled: "I will f**k every one family of your member you got from here to China. You little b***h, cause I own China too."

It can be seen at the end of the video that a female staff member stepped in to mediate the situation to avoid escalating the situation.

When she told the foreigner to take a seat, he replied with: "Then ask him to back off."

The diner that recorded the video shared with Mothership that the incident happened at Shashlik Restaurant at around 9.15pm when this customer arrived at the restaurant.

The last order for dinner at this restaurant is 9pm.

And so, when the customer was denied entry because of that, the man was outraged. 

The diner shared: "They politely requested for him to leave the restaurant but he refused to do so and he started to raise his voice."

The diner added that the restaurant staff said they would call the police but he was unfazed and responded with: "I own the Singapore Police Force too."

"As a dine-in customer, we felt that his profanities and outburst of emotions was uncalled for. Some of his statements were very racist as well," said the diner. 

The diner also mentioned that other diners tried to calm the enraged man down. 

"After this video was recorded, the man continued shouting and throughout the time where the man was seated, another restaurant customer was seen talking to him and trying to calm him down," he told Mothership.

Despite the rude behaviour by the customer, the diner was impressed by how the staff handled the situation and said: "The restaurant staff even went to every table to apologise for any inconvenience caused."

AsiaOne has reached out to Shashlik Restaurant for comment. 

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