Is this reasonable? Malaysian asks after landlord offers partitioned 'room' in Khatib for $550

PHOTO: Facebook/Fvyn Hedkandee

We all know that renting a place is considered one of the toughest tasks around. From checking the price to the environment, all we want is a safe space to call home.

In a Facebook group for room rentals in Singapore, Fvyn Hedkandee shared his unusual experience on May 8.

The 25-year-old Malaysian hairdresser uploaded a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat where a landlord told him that the room he had enquired about was not available.

"I only have a partitioned room left. For $550, the rent includes utilities, internet and air conditioning," the landlord said.

The Malaysian man then asked the landlord for a photograph.

To his surprise, the partitioned 'room' is located in a corner of what appears to be a living room, separated from the communal space via curtains.

In his Facebook post, he wrote: "Not targeting any landlord, I just wanted to ask, is this reasonable? [The rent's] $550."

In a matter of days, the post garnered over 2,800 shares, and more than 1,000 comments.

Netizens were quick to react as some joked about how the 'room' reminded them of a hospital bed.

'I nearly thought this was a hospital'. PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
'That’s a hospital bed right'. PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
'Are they organising a funeral?!'. PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Others suggested that the landlord could be subletting the 'room', which is not allowed in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats.

While the man told Malaysian news outlet Oriental Daily that the room he had enquired about is located near Khatib MRT station, it is unclear whether the property is a public or private residence.

According to HDB, owners of three-room flats and larger are allowed to have up to six tenants.

In addition, only bedrooms constructed by HDB can be rented out. Other parts of the flat, including partitioned rooms, cannot be used as bedrooms for tenants.

Meanwhile, there is a cap of six unrelated persons who are renting a private property.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority said that property owners have to ensure that partitioning works within the house must not compromise essential features such as a living or dining area and a kitchen.

While he told Oriental Daily he did not have any malicious intention when uploading the photos, the man said he hopes that it'll alert others about the risks of renting.