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'A residue of bread dough', says Sunshine Bakeries after woman complains about biting into 'lizard' lodged inside bun

'A residue of bread dough', says Sunshine Bakeries after woman complains about biting into 'lizard' lodged inside bun
A woman claimed she found a lizard lodged inside a bun.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sgfollowsall

A woman was disgusted when she found an 'extra ingredient' lurking inside her bun. 

Appalled by the discovery, the woman's colleague sent photos of what she claimed was a lizard lodged inside the bun to Sgfollowsall, who uploaded it to their Instagram page on Thursday (Nov 16). 

In the post, the woman who posted the photos wrote: "This happened to my colleague. I was next to her when she was eating this." 

"She bit off the tail without knowing. When she saw the lizard, she spat the tail out." 


The woman also posted an Instagram story about the incident, saying that her colleague bought the item from a 7-Eleven out. She even tagged Sunshine Bakeries in the photo. 

"Idk about you, but I'm not gonna get Sunshine, ever [sic]." 

Photos of the 'lizard' carcass in the bun repulsed netizens, who remarked that they would think twice about purchasing bread from the bakery. 

Others also jested that the woman had "extra protein" in her bun. 

'Mixture of flour and yeast': Sunshine Bakeries

However, it turns out that the woman's fears might be unfounded. 

In response to AsiaOne's queries, a spokesperson from Sunshine Bakeries said they received feedback about the incident, and was informed that the retailer provided a "full refund" of the product to the consumer. 

The bakery added that they retrieved the product and sent it for internal and external investigations. 

External investigations were conducted at an independent testing and investigative facility. 

Both reports confirmed that the sample was checked under a microscope and was a mixture of flour with water and yeast. 

"No insect or pest carcass was found inside the sample. Considering the smell and texture, the samples were a residue of bread dough," said the spokesperson. 

"Our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our consumers and we take any consumer complaint very seriously. We apologise for any inadvertent inconvenience and worry caused to the consumer."

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