Safe to drink? Redditor sceptical about 7-Eleven coffee after seeing beans in 'dirty and humid' machine

Safe to drink? Redditor sceptical about 7-Eleven coffee after seeing beans in 'dirty and humid' machine
Reddit user DonDonStudent was sceptical about consuming his Americano from 7-Eleven after looking at the state of the coffee machine.
PHOTO: Reddit/DonDonStudent

Getting coffee from a convenience store? You might want to check if their coffee machine has been properly cleaned. 

That was what one Redditor realised after purchasing a cup of Joe from 7-Eleven recently.

"Getting a cheap 7-Eleven Americano today, take a look at the coffee beans. Seems that the beans are sitting in a very dirty and humid feeder," user DonDonStudent wrote on Oct 24, including a photo of the coffee machine in question. 

From the picture, the coffee machine appears rather grimy, with an oily, yellow substance stuck to the sides. 

He did not mention which 7-Eleven outlet he purchased the coffee from. 

Ending off the post, he asked his fellow Redditors if they would consume coffee from this particular machine in this state.

DonDonStudent said in a comment that he ended up throwing his cup of coffee away.

Unsurprisingly, netizens weren't convinced that the coffee was fit for consumption, despite the budget-friendly price. 

A cup of coffee from the convenience store typically costs from $1.50. 

"It looks like cockroach eggs water," said one netizen.

One user shared that they used to buy Mochas from 7-Eleven outlets, but has since stopped after finding ants in the drink. 

"[7-Eleven staff] found their cocoa container contained ants. Still grossed out over it," the user remarked.

Another suggested that the state of the coffee machine's feeder could be due to the oiliness of the coffee beans, and improper cleaning of the machine. 

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, a spokesperson from 7-Eleven said that the condition of the coffee machine mentioned in the post is "unacceptable", and the company said it has since identified the store to rectify the situation. 

They also added that they do have a protocol in place for cleaning these machines. 

"We have also worked with the staff in the store to make sure that they adhere to the technical protocols that are required to be followed at all 7-Eleven outlets." 

Back in 2021, an orange juice vending machine in Chinatown Point came under fire after a customer spotted a rotten orange in the machine

The man, who goes by Syn, told Stomp then he was about to purchase a cup of juice from the machine on Jan 9 when he spotted the "black, rotten orange" inside the dispenser. 

"I am a regular customer of Q Orange dispensers as I drink orange juice all the time and I've never seen a mouldy orange inside their dispensers before.

"I used to drink a few cups every week but now, I don't know if I can still drink their orange juice, even though it's convenient and cheap.

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