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SAF goes green with plant-based burger patty to celebrate Earth Day

SAF goes green with plant-based burger patty to celebrate Earth Day
SAF soldiers lining up to collect their Ultimate Brunch meal.
PHOTO: Facebook/The Singapore Army

[UPDATE April 22] SAF has reached out to AsiaOne stating that only the burger patty of the Ultimate Brunch is plant-based.

Sustainable plant-based food has been gaining popularity over the years and this time, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has decided to jump onto this hip and trendy bandwagon.

On Monday (April 18), the SAF shared on Facebook some of its sustainability efforts and campaigns in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow (April 22).

In the Facebook post, the SAF introduced 'The Ultimate Brunch', one packed with a variety of plant-based items such as a a burger, omelette and a corn dish, just to name a few. 

According to the post, the 'meat' patty is made of 100 per cent plant-based protein, consisting of soybean protein and pea protein.

The SAF also said that this patty is manufactured locally, and that it is 'rich in fibre and other nutrients, they provide several health benefits too!'

Those who've been in the army would know that cookhouse meals tend to be notoriously hit or miss affairs so these new meals would no doubt be a welcome relief.


It is unclear if this healthy plant-based meal is a one-off affair just for Earth Day and if it will be rolled out at all SAF facilities.

AsiaOne has contacted the SAF for more details.

Naturally, netizens were intrigued by the appetising photos posted of the plant-based cookhouse meals.

In the comments section, some were sceptical about 'The Ultimate Brunch', with one questioning the choice of 'meat' in the meal and the idea of having brunch in the army.

"Why not a beef burger or at least plant-based beef? Been dining cookhouse for 27 years [and they] kept serving chicken or fish," a Facebook user asked.

Another amused netizen wrote that our army personnel would need "real food", not plant-based meals.

Apart from introducing a plant-based meal, SAF's Facebook post also commented on how the army is increasing efforts to deal with food waste too.

Dubbed their "first steps to tackle food sustainability in our camps", SAF wrote that it is also actively working on food recycling campaigns.

For example, food waste from meal preparation and leftover food scraps after meals are disposed into a designated 'food waste only' bin, which is later sent to a food recycling plant.

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