'Scolded, yelled and screamed at': Old Chang Kee customer abused by staff over 20 cents, dismisses $10 compensation

'Scolded, yelled and screamed at': Old Chang Kee customer abused by staff over 20 cents, dismisses $10 compensation
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This customer at Old Chang Kee wanted to pay for his food with expiring NS55 credits, and the remaining few cents by cash.

But he was met with verbal abuse from a staff there instead.

In a Facebook post shared on Jan 1, Shanudin Doi shared that he opted to pay for his food at the Paya Lebar Square outlet with $7 worth of NS55 credits. 

His total bill for the items was $7.20.

Adding that he wanted to pay the remaining balance with 20 cents in coins, the customer said: "I was scolded, yelled and screamed at by a worker at Old Chang Kee.

"I was so shocked and stunned by her attitude."

'Is $10 voucher enough compensation?'

After his experience at Old Chang Kee, Shanudin emailed the company to complain. 

In a screenshot of the complaint that was shared on social media, Old Chang Kee said they "really regretted" that Shanudin had experienced these "bad experiences and disappointments".

Offering their apologies to the customer, the company shared that warnings would be given to the staff involved in the dispute.

"Any subsequent lapses in customer service standards will lead to more severe disciplinary actions that will affect her year-end performance appraisal," Old Chang Kee said.

Old Chang Kee also offered a $10 voucher to Shanudin, adding that they hoped to regain his confidence.

While Shanudin had received this "gesture of goodwill" through the mail, he questioned in his Facebook post if "it is worth" for all the trouble he went through.

"Guys, do you think $10 is [enough] to get compensated by their rude staff?" he asked.

'What else are you looking for?'

After the Facebook post was reshared on TikTok, reactions from netizens were mixed.

Several netizens were bewildered on why Shanudin would question if the compensation offered was enough.

"So you got the voucher, what else are you looking for? At least they acknowledged your complaint and did something," a netizen said, while others urged the customer to show empathy to the Old Chang Kee staff.

There were several netizens who were angered by the rude staff.

"That worker should have been fired," a netizen said.

Responding to AsiaOne's queries on Thursday (Jan 26), Old Chang Kee shared that they have apologised to the customer for the "lapse in service" rendered by the service staff. 

"We have also reviewed and counselled with the staff in question", the company's spokesperson said, adding that the customer had accepted a complimentary voucher. 

AsiaOne has contacted Shanudin Doi for comment. 

Unhappy over compensation

In another incident of unhappiness over compensation, a motorbike owner "wanted to cry" after he was offered a meagre $10 when someone marred his vehicle

In a TikTok video shared on September last year, Tan Yen Jue showed the damages on his pink motorbike and his reaction with the compensation amount. 

"Uncle, what can I do with $10? Is the $10 for me to buy coffee?" he asked frustratedly, adding that he had just sent his bike for a paint job recently.

"Help me a bit, this isn't even my fault. I'm now giving you a way out, do you know that?" Tan said pointedly. 

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