'Shame on you': Ho Ching to people who threw masks at service ambassadors

PHOTO: Facebook/Ho Ching

The third round of free mask distribution in Singapore kicked off on Nov 30 but not without some hiccups — some masks got stuck in vending machines while several members of the public collected masks that did not fit them.

But it's not right to take one's unhappiness out on others, Ho Ching has reminded the public.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (Dec 10), the chief executive and executive director of Temasek said: "For those who threw their masks at the service ambassadors when they are not allowed to exchange, shame on you!"

"The service ambassadors, volunteers and staff are all driven by a sense of duty to help keep our community safe, to keep everyone safe."

While collecting masks from the vending machines is mostly an automated process, service ambassadors and other volunteers are stationed at some collection points to assist those who may need help.

The exchange of collected masks is not allowed due to hygiene and logistics reasons, Ho explained.

Given that the reusable masks come in four sizes — small, medium, large, and extra large — this time around, Temasek Foundation has frequently reminded the public to check its mask-sizing guide for a correct fit before collecting their masks from the vending machines.

On its Facebook page, it shared a video clip, infographics and a short FAQ section on the different mask sizes, as well as tips on how to use the new masks and filters.

My size is not what you think it is. My size is not what I think it is. My size is what the ruler says it is. It’s...

Posted by Temasek Foundation on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Noting that some people did not manage to get the right fit for their masks even though they had taken their facial measurements, Ho offered her apologies.

"Unlike the earlier adult free size pleated DET30 white masks, the ProShield masks have a fit shape, so it is quite tough to try to fit a range of face sizes and shapes," she explained.

To help the public assess the sizes of the masks, some community centres display samples in the vending machines.

The collection of the free masks ends on Dec 13.

Since its first exercise in July, Temasek has distributed an estimated 16.9 million free masks to Singapore residents.

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