'She remembers us all': Ex-students of Hai Sing High School reunited with teacher who didn't give up on them 25 years ago

'She remembers us all': Ex-students of Hai Sing High School reunited with teacher who didn't give up on them 25 years ago
Former students of Hai Sing High School class 5N4 of 1997 have found their former teacher, Ms Jamie Foo Kwong Wah.
PHOTO: Stomp

An ex-teacher from Hai Sing High School has reconnected with her former students after 25 years following an appeal on Stomp.

Stomp contributor Aylwin wanted to find his former teacher, Ms Jamie Foo Kwong Wah, whom he has not seen in 25 years, to invite her to a class reunion on Aug 19.

He told Stomp: "She encouraged us always. We made her cry and disappointed her time and time again, but she never stopped caring for us.

"Now that we have grown up, we, the class of 5N4 1997, hope to find her and thank her, something which we did not do when we left school."

Jamie contacted Stomp after a friend forwarded the Stomp article to her.

"Frankly, I am still very much overwhelmed and the immediate reaction was disbelief," she said.

Stomp got her in touch with Aylwin, who told Stomp: "We are all overjoyed. I added her to our chat group and the whole group was all buzzing away. 

"We chatted about how we were like last time and Ms Jamie told us about how she remembers who and their special memories. The sleepy heads, the naughty ones, the quiet ones, she remembers us all.

"It was really wonderful. I sincerely thank you Stomp for helping us find her."


Now a finance manager at an SME, Jamie said of her former students: "I am glad they appreciated my time with them and my efforts have somehow paid off, but credit should be given to themselves too for not giving up on themselves. I was only doing my job."

She added: "I can only say all students are worthy. Even every grain of sand is worth something."

Alywin said he will provide more updates when they meet at the class reunion.

This is the third time this month Stomp has successfully helped reconnect old acquaintances.

Two old friends who met at Nippon Paint factory in 1969 recently got back in touch after 52 years, while two men who worked at Jurong Shipyard in the 1960s have made plans to meet later this year after finding each other through Stomp.

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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