Sing Our Song: A Heart Shattering Goodbye

Local music veteran Eric Ng (right) gave young singer-songwriter Angus Sham a challenge of composing ten songs in ten days, and eventually picked the latter's creation “Thank You For Saying Goodbye” for a "makeover".

Inspiration is the key to all creations. Composing ten songs within ten days might seem an impossible mission, but young singer-songwriter Angus Sham accepted this challenge from music veteran Eric Ng.

In the latest "Sing Our Song" episode, we followed Angus' painful song-writing process, which gave birth to his song "Thank You For Saying Goodbye" eventually chosen by Eric Ng for a "makeover".

A full-time teacher, 34-year-old Angus also leads an independent band named Goose. Having listened to their songs, Eric feels their music is nice but doesn't leave a strong impression on people's minds. "Many independent bands out there face this issue, they often focus only on making music, but don't really think about how to create catchy music that people will remember."

After rejecting 4 demo songs submitted by Angus, Eric decided to push him further by challenging him to write ten songs in ten days. "Thank You For The Farewell", one of the ten songs, was eventually selected by Eric for his "makeover".

On 12 March, Angus and Goose presented a brand new version of "Thank You For Saying Goodbye" at Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong temple. Local singer Ling Kai performed as guest singer. The gig was also be broadcasted live on as well as Facebook page.

About Sing Our Song

Sing Our Song is a never-before-seen online-to-offline 7-episode music programme where budding local musicians are paired with local veterans to embark on a musical journey of coaching, collaboration and co-creation.

Viewers enjoy real-time interaction during the live webcast of the finale performance, and even stand a chance to be invited to watch the performance at an exclusive venue steeped in history. This show promises to give audiences a dazzling time and a new way to experience music.