Singapore to extend VTL scheme to Bali, Penang, all cities in India, Vietnam and Greece

Singapore to extend VTL scheme to Bali, Penang, all cities in India, Vietnam and Greece
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SINGAPORE - Vaccinated air travellers will be able to enter Singapore from more cities in Malaysia, Indonesia and India without having to serve quarantine.

Announcing the expansion on Friday (March 4), the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said it will also launch new vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) for Greece and Vietnam, thus restoring two-way quarantine-free travel with these two countries.

Third, it will ease travel history requirements for travellers entering Singapore from Europe under the VTL scheme, to allow entry to travellers with recent travel history to the entire European Economic Area.

CAAS said the steps will help to reclaim and rebuild Singapore's position as a premier air hub.

It said the move to expand the VTL to more cities in Malaysia, Indonesia and India will facilitate travel and improve the Singapore air hub's connectivity with these key markets.

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From March 16, the VTL for Malaysia will extend beyond Kuala Lumpur to include Penang, starting with four daily flights each way between Singapore and Penang.

Similarly, from March 16, the VTL for Indonesia will extend beyond Jakarta to include Bali-Denpasar, starting with two daily flights from Bali-Denpasar to Singapore.

The VTL for India will also extend beyond Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai to include all Indian cities.

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