Singapore father's explanation on why he allowed daughter to convert to Islam will warm your heart

PHOTO: Facebook/Jinghan Naan

It is truly the case that there is nothing like a father's love for his daughter. This heartwarming story of a supportive father who wants nothing but happiness for his daughter will surely touch your hearts.

A Singapore-Chinese woman by the name of Li Jinghan took to Facebook on Tuesday (Jan 22) to share her father's conversation with a Malay man, where her father revealed the reason why he allowed his daughter to convert to Islam.

The 29-year-old now goes by the name of Nur Jihan Li.

It all started when Li's father Lee Soon Koon met a Carousell seller on her behalf to help her collect some goods.

The Malay seller was surprised to see Lee, who is a Chinese, as he was expecting a Malay.

When he explained their relationship and talked a little more, the seller was further astounded that Lee had allowed his daughter to convert to Islam, as not many parents are that open-minded.

Last week, my father asked if I could get him something from Carousell. I got him a deal and passed him the address for...

Posted by Jinghan Naan on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lee's reply was "simple, yet so profound", wrote his daughter.

"I understand the pursuit of happiness. What’s the purpose of life? To seek happiness," he said.

"Every religion teaches good. If you tell me that this religion makes you happy, why should I stop you?” he added.

Bottom line is, he just wants her to be happy.

Li added: "He doesn’t struggle with what society thinks, what our relatives would think, how it would mean I can’t eat his favourite BBQ with him anymore... His sole concern was really just my happiness." 

Awww. If that's not love, what is?

Li's post has so far amassed more than 5,000 shares and 14,000 'likes', with comments on the post commending Li for staying true to herself, and her father for being so supportive of his daughter.

Photo: Facebook/JinghanPhoto: Facebook/Jinghan