Singapore, get ready to catch 'em all at Southeast Asia's first-ever Pokemon GO Safari Zone

PHOTO: Twitter/PokemonGO

Pokémon trainers, are you ready? Because Pokémon GO Safari Zone is coming to our sunny shores! 

In collaboration with The Pokémon Company and the game's developer Niantic, Sentosa will be bringing in Southeast Asia's first-ever Pokémon GO Safari Zone on April 18 to 22.

It is free to participate in the event but you do need a ticket for it. Due to the game's high popularity in the region, players will have to ballot for the 100,000 available tickets.

Based on the success of previous Pokémon GO events in Chicago, Japan and Taiwan, the event is expected to attract trainers from all over the world.

Safari Zones are known to feature special Pokémon, and trainers can also look forward to team rest areas where they'll have a chance to mingle, swap tips and trade Pokémon with other fellow trainers.

So, what exciting selection will Singapore's Safari Zone bring?

Well, trainers will have a chance to catch Tropius - a Pokémon exclusive to Africa - as well as a shiny Shuckle, a limited-edition Pokémon in the game. 

It is no wonder that diehard Pokémon GO fans have already booked their tickets to Singapore!

Starting from Sentosa Boardwalk to Tanjong Beach, this event will turn the island into a hunting ground for thousands of trainers trying to get their hands on exclusive Pokémon.

As any trainer worth their salt knows, you gotta catch 'em all for the bragging rights.

If you're unable to obtain a ticket, fret not because you can still play Pokémon GO on Sentosa - just without the special Pokémon.

Balloting starts from March 5 and you can register here.

Good luck! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!