'Singapore, you're doing amazing sweetie': Netizens celebrate NDP 2021 at home with memes

PHOTO: Twitter/tzehern_

Though NDP 2021 was postponed, that didn't stop Singaporeans from getting in on the fun while watching the parade on Saturday (Aug 21).

A slew of memes surfaced all over social media, where even PM Lee and President Halimah were not spared. 

Twitter user @tzehern, better known online as Yeolo, caught PM Lee taking a snapshot of the parade, and likened it to Kris Jenner encouraging her daughter Kim Kardashian on one her of photoshoots. 


He also noted that our Prime Minister was low-key paying tribute to one of Singapore's iconic birds — or the 'uwu' bird, as people call it. 

Meanwhile, user @yijunian, caught President Halimah dressed in red among a sea of men in white, albeit with a slightly ominous reference.

There were also jibes about the coordination (or lack thereof) among the emcees' outfits. 

Apart from interesting wardrobe choices, netizens also went wild spotting the enormous Milo-lantern, who was hanging out in the sky with another national icon, Axe-brand medicated oil. 


It wasn't just props that stole the show. One saxophonist from the SAF Band — now just known as the Epic Sax Guy — showed us how to play and got a creative tribute in return.

Even Olympian Joseph Schooling made the cut for memes, lending a bit of star power at the Parade.

And yes, who can forget that we're in the middle of a pandemic, so of course need to make disclaimer. 


Guys who confirmed didn’t go KTVs last week #singpaore #tiktoksg #ndp2021 #singaporeatriumsale

♬ Marching Song - Barney

Save for a number of (fully vaccinated) Singaporeans who had the opportunity to watch the parade live, those watching-from-home (WFH, if you will) really got into the spirit of NDP by getting up on their feet to do the viral dance on Tiktok — while also sharing some interesting interpretations of their own. 


#NDP2021 #tiktoksg #fyp #sgtiktok #stitch #josephschooling

♬ original sound - Culz🥸

I miss secondary school :-( #NDP2021 #DanceOfTheNation #VirtualDance

♬ The Road Ahead (NDP Dance) - NDPeeps

This year's theme song, The Road Ahead, performed by local artiste Linying, was so good, even her NS man stand-in couldn't help but get into it. 




But memes and jokes about the parade aside, there was also genuine praise for the animated film by Robot Playground Media, that premiered during the parade. 

Even Grumpy Uncle approves. 

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