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Tampines residents place potted plants on common corridor to get back at each other

Tampines residents place potted plants on common corridor to get back at each other
The Yangs' potted plants on the left (tied with red string) and Angela's on the right.
PHOTO: Ms Yang

Next-door neighbours on the 10th storey of Block 218 Tampines Street 24 unhappy over items placed in the common corridor used potted plants to get back at each other.

But the person who was apparently most inconvenienced was a third neighbour, who is a personal mobility device (PMD) user.

The man told Shin Min Daily News: "I tried to communicate with Angela but she accused me of being heartless."

He claimed that Angela, who is said to have moved into her corner unit less than a year ago, had arranged her potted plants up to the space in front of his door.

Angela has been in dispute with her immediate neighbours, the Yangs.

She told Stomp that the neighbours had placed their footwear and potted plants in the space right outside her door, which runs along the wall to their unit.

"This is my passageway but the plants and shoes belong to them. I have already complained to the Town Council," she said.

Tampines TC on April 28 issued a circular informing the residents that the clutter should be removed from the corridor by May 2 and reminded them about the need to keep at least 1.2m of the corridor width clutter-free.

Yang on June 22 told the Chinese daily that Angela had placed her own potted plants in the area outside the Yangs' door, blocking the path to their home.

"She was also dissatisfied with the lanterns and lights hanging on our doors and windows," said Yang, who claimed that Angela would pour soapy water in the corridor every morning.

Yang said someone from Tampines TC told Angela to remove her potted plants but did not tell the Yangs to remove theirs.

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This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.

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