'There was a yellow fluid seeping from the shell': Woman finds maggots in carton of eggs bought from Yishun minimart

A video posted on the Facebook page Complaint Singapore which appears to show a pack of eggs with maggots crawling inside.
PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/Niqniqqi Akeel, KenzySarah

A woman was dismayed to find maggots crawling in a carton of eggs she had just bought from a minimart in Yishun.

The mother of six, who gave her name only as Ms Fiona, told The Straits Times that she noticed the maggots only after she took the pack of 10 eggs home on Thursday (Feb 23) after shopping at Sri Mini Mart at Block 431 Yishun Avenue 1.

"I reached home and was about to put the eggs into the fridge when I opened the carton saw the maggots crawling all over. I think one of the eggs was rotten and there was a yellow fluid seeping from the shell. The smell was very bad," said the 35-year-old.

She then posted a video on the Facebook page Complaint Singapore.

Responding to queries from ST, Ms Karthika Angu, who has operated the minimart for four years, said she would "never sell spoiled eggs to customers, because they are like our family".

Offering a full refund, she said: "If we accidentally sold this, we sincerely apologise to the customer. I accept 100 per cent of the responsibility."

She said she has since asked her staff to check all remaining stock of eggs at the minimart, adding: "We don't have any intention to sell these kinds of items to our customers. I feel very bad. Please convey our apologies to that customer."

Ms Fiona said she left the eggs at the stairwell outside her home as she did not want to handle them for fear of the maggots.

"I rarely buy from that minimart and I doubt I will return," she said.

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