'These kinds of people make rental flat tenants look bad' says woman after spit lands on baby stroller at Ang Mo Kio block

'These kinds of people make rental flat tenants look bad' says woman after spit lands on baby stroller at Ang Mo Kio block
PHOTO: Facebook/Mulyy Yana

Some people give rental flat tenants a bad name, ranted one Ang Mo Kio resident, after sharing about how her newborn daughter narrowly missed getting hit by spittle while they were under a block of flats.

Taking to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Thursday (Sept 14), user Mulyy Yana shared a photo which showed what appeared to be saliva staining the top of a baby stroller.

Said Mulyy Yana: "I live in a rental flat but these kinds of people are the ones making those 'rental flat tenants' look bad. Bloody hell."

She went on to add: "It's already bad enough that it hit the top of the stroller. (Thankful it didn't hit on my kid or me). But what if I didn't close the stroller cover? It would have hit my newborn baby!"

Speaking to AsiaOne, the user, who gave her name as Mulyana, 32, shared that the incident occurred below her block of flats at Block 224 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

She shared that she was on her way home with her two young children, including her three-week old newborn. Mulyana explained that she would usually pull down the cover of the stroller when it's hot as the only sloped pedestrian access to her block is not sheltered.

In her post, Mulyana added that following the incident, she immediately placed her kids at the void deck and tried to find the culprit.

When she looked up to see who had committed the offensive act, she saw beer cans being thrown out as well. However, from her position, she could not make out which floor they were thrown from.

"If I caught you just now, I confirm will confront you," Mulyana stated.

Mulyana, a homemaker, told AsiaOne that this is not the first time she's encountered such behaviour, though it is the first time that spit has actually landed on her and her kids.

"I've encountered cigarette butts being thrown and they almost hit my daughter too on another occasion," she said. Mulyana added that she has been staying at the block of rental flats for almost four years and that the littering "happens every single day".

"I pity the cleaners here, every morning confirm will have to pick litter off the grass and the floor," she remarked, sharing how a neighbour had also encountered beer cans being thrown down from the block.

Mulyana described how one time, a can had landed right beside her neighbour's stroller and it got stuck in the wheel.

In the comments section, netizens derided the "disgusting" behaviour and also shared similar grievances, from noisy neighbours to those who don't dispose of their furniture properly.

Wrote one commenter: "I hope the killer litterer will get caught soon [because] it's too damn dangerous for everyone."

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