Toddler ends up with 24 stitches after falling on cracked tiles at Sengkang walkway

Toddler ends up with 24 stitches after falling on cracked tiles at Sengkang walkway
A two-and-a-half-year-old boy received 24 stitches in his face after falling on some cracked tiles.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

A two-and-a-half-year-old boy received 24 stitches on his face after he fell onto some cracked tiles along a walkway.

The boy's mother, Guo, told Shin Min Daily News that the accident took place last Wednesday (May 31) at around 5pm.

Guo's helper had brought her son down to the playground near their home at Block 417A Fernvale Link in Sengkang. At that time, Guo, an insurance agent, was getting ready to head out for work. 

Her son tripped on the walkway, and his forehead hit the sharp edges of the cracked tiles, leaving a gaping hole in his face. 

Recalling the aftermath of the accident, the 37-year-old said there was a 2cm wound on his forehead which exposed some parts of his skull. 

Putting aside her work commitments, Guo rushed her son to a private hospital, where the young child had to undergo an operation to stitch up the torn muscle and skin. 

During the interview with Shin Min, Guo also shared more heart-wrenching details of her son's ordeal.

As there was some phlegm in the boy's throat, doctors said they couldn't use too much anaesthesia on him.

With only two drops of anaesthesia applied to the wound, the toddler ended up feeling immense pain during the procedure and was struggling throughout, she said. 

The staff in the operating theatre had to hold him down to prevent him from fidgeting. 

"He cried for 40 minutes after the operation, and it really tugged on my heartstrings," said the anguished mother. 

The boy was hospitalised for two nights after the operation, where he frequently threw tantrums and refused to eat his meals, save for some milk and fruit. 

Guo said her son's medical bill came up to $8,400. She also intends to bring her son for laser treatment to remove the scar in the future. 

When asked about the cracked tiles, Guo said she did not understand how the cracked tiles were left unattended, and why the town council did not repair them. 

"I don't want more children to get hurt." 

She added she would be seeking compensation from the authorities. 

Responding to Shin Min's queries, the Ang Mo Kio Town Council said they have since cordoned off the area and are fixing the cracked tiles. 

They are also in contact with Guo and are investigating the matter.

Boy breaks arm after tripping over hole in ground 

In late March, a six-year-old boy tripped over a hole in the ground at a playground near Block 123B Rivervale Drive. 

His mother, Yang, told Shin Min Daily News then that he suffered broken and dislocated bones as a result of the fall. 

He underwent surgery and had three steel fixtures inserted into his arm to aid the bones' recovery. 

"The doctor said that my son's arm will be permanently crooked after this incident, but we're not sure how it'll affect his daily life," said Yang.

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