Torn shirts, bloody faces in fight between 2 men at Wellington Circle

PHOTO: Stomp

Some residents at Wellington Circle in Admiralty were woken up by a fight between two men in the early hours of Sunday morning (Aug 25).

Stomp contributor Sheena alerted Stomp to the incident and shared a video she took from her home.

In the video, one man is seen lying on the ground while the other rains blows upon him.

A woman manages to separate the duo and one of the men's shirt is torn around the collar.

It is unclear what the men were arguing about.

"I was about to sleep at about 1am when I heard screamng from down below," Sheena said.

"I only started recording the fight after it had started but it lasted about 10 minutes.

"I saw one of the men coming out from the lift lobby at the carpark at Block 502 already bleeding from his face.

"Two ladies were there to stop the fight before one man retreated under the block and the other went back to the carpark."