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2 women at busy Geylang carpark stand in parking lot to reserve space, refuse to budge

2 women at busy Geylang carpark stand in parking lot to reserve space, refuse to budge
Two women standing in parking lot trying to reserve the space.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Sgfollowsall

While reserving a table with a packet of tissue may be part of the culture in Singapore, hogging a parking spot by planting yourself firmly on it is not. 

In a video uploaded to SgfollowsAll's Instagram today (April 6), two women were seen standing in a parking lot near Block 114 Geylang Lor 3, preventing other drivers from parking.


As a long line of cars starts to form before the parking lot, a grey sedan turns into the area and one of the women makes eye contact with the driver, pointing at the parking lot beneath her.

One man who was recording the two women's antics can be heard complaining, "Two people standing in the lot, holding up the whole traffic."

One netizen compared them to "the kind of people who take everything from the hotel room".

Other netizens came up with solutions for the two women with one jokingly saying that "parking lot also can chope using tissue paper auntie, no need stand there."

However, some netizens accused the driver of a black van, presumably the one taking the video, for holding up the traffic. 

This isn't the first time that hogging of parking lots have become the subject of ire and controversy.

In 2019, alleged passengers of a Singaporean BMW vehicle drew flak from locals as they tried to reserve a parking lot in Malaysia by standing in them.

In a more recent incident in 2021, a newbie motorcyclist was stunned when he received a note saying that the parking lot he had chosen to park in already had "permanent owners".

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