Van drives on PCN in Punggol, draws stares and scoldings from pedestrians

PHOTO: Facebook/roadssg

[UPDATE: Jan 12, 4:25pm]

The vehicle belongs to a maintenance contractor and had obtained approval from the National Parks Board to drive on the Park Connector Network, according to an approval document shared by in an update today (Jan 12).

The contractor had reached out to them to clarify that they were in the park on official business, added.

Going on a jaunt on Singapore's picturesque Park Connector Network (PCN) is a great way to take in our local sights and sounds. Pedestrians on a PCN in Punggol, though, were treated to an unusual spectacle on Saturday (Jan 9) — a van trundling along the walking path.

The van was spotted driving along the PCN at Punggol Settlement and heading towards Pasir Ris at about 9.12am, said Facebook page

The page also shared photos which showed the dark grey van taking up nearly the entire width of the path as passers-by gawked at it.

"There were many kids on bikes and family with baby on strollers [sic]," said "A lady was even scolding the driver for driving there."

Netizens, too, did not take too kindly to the driver's presence on the path and called for action to be taken against them.

PHOTO: Screengrab/ Facebook

However, some also pointed out that the car could very well have permission to drive on the PCN.

PHOTO: Screengrab/ Facebook

According to the National Parks Board's (NParks) terms and conditions for the use of its premises, vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering parks unless prior approval has been obtained.

Drivers are also required to adhere to safety guidelines, including observing a speed limit of 15km/h, keeping to the designated tracks, turning on their hazard lights or an amber rotating lamp (if they have one) and employing at least two marshals to guide the vehicle and keep park visitors away from it.