'Very sensitive and allergic': Grab driver who dons respirator taking no chances

'Very sensitive and allergic': Grab driver who dons respirator taking no chances
Grabcar driver puts on respirator and educates customers on secondhand smoke with in-car posters
PHOTO: TikTok/Tofububblez

Hopping into a private hire vehicle and seeing the driver wearing a mask is to be expected.

But maybe not this specific kind of mask.

On Tuesday (June 28), TikTok user Tofububblez posted a 15-second clip of herself in a Grab car where the driver donned what seemed to be a half-facepiece respirator.


Tofububblez said she got into the backseat of this Toyota Grab car and seemed quite taken aback by what she saw.

After coming to terms with the driver's mask of choice, she transferred her attention to the numerous posters and notes pasted all over the interior of the car explaining why he was doing so.

One poster on the back of the passenger seat mentioned that the driver is "very sensitive and allergic" to secondhand smoke/breath, mothball odours, medicated oil and strong perfume.

"Windows will be open for better air circulation in this confined cabin," the poster read.

On a separate poster, the driver reminded customers that "coughing, headaches, eye and nasal irritation and sore throat" are some short term-effects smoking can have on others.

In her post, Tofububblez mentioned that the driver was a nice man and unfortunately, she had sprayed her body "with a lot of perfume" just before entering his car.

However, another TikTok user said that this driver opened all his windows as she was wearing a strong perfume.

Some TikTok users said they respected the driver's hustle while another joked that this is the closest they've come to meeting a "Singaporean doomsday prepper".

Back in September 2021, a man was spotted at Serangoon MRT station wearing a powered air-purifying respirator as a safety precaution against Covid-19. 

While he was teased online, some netizens said they saw nothing wrong with an individual taking the initiative in protecting himself from the virus.

 AsiaOne has reached out to Tofububblez for more information.

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