'Want to test your phone's waterproof power ah?': Mrbrown mocks handling of NUS peeping Tom scandal

PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook/mrbrown

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Peeping Tom fiasco, which has left many Singaporeans enraged and frustrated over the university's disciplinary actions (or rather the lack thereof). 

NUS student Monica Baey posted a series of Instagram Stories on April 19 which detailed how her peeping Tom was let off the hook, even though he was caught in the act of filming her while she was showering in the toilet of Eusoff Hall.

Local blogger mrbrown decided to weigh in on the hot topic, but not without his usual humour.

Taking on his "Kim Huat" persona, who this time claims to be Singapore's Number One Justice Fan, he proceeded to give his frank opinions in a way that many Singaporeans can relate to. 

Kim Huat reflects on the case of the NUS Peeping Tom who was caught shooting a video of a student showering in the Ladies’ toilet. a production of https://mrbrown.com

Posted by mrbrown on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

His Facebook video yesterday (April 23) slammed the second strike policy that the university adopted, stating the impression of how "everyone will have one chance to video a woman bathing lah".

He also shared his thoughts about the offender sending the victim an apology note for his actions, stating that if he was in Baey's shoes he would not want a letter from "the guy who shoot [sic] me naked in the shower". 

Ending the rant with condemning the school officials for their handling of the case, he warned that "NUS" should not stand for "Naked-ly Unsafe Showers".  

Facebook users took to the comments section and agreed with mrbrown, applauding how he defended the victim. The post has since received 800 comments and been shared 6,300 times at the point of writing. 

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Some commenters also contested the idea of a second strike. 

Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, NUS president Tan Eng Chye has since apologised for how the sexual assault case was handled and acknowledged that the school fell short in providing Baey with support in the first place.