Watch: Young man dances next to MRT in viral #KikiChallenge

PHOTO: Facebook/Thomas Blysk Kopankiewicz

We've kept our fingers crossed that the viral #KikiChallenge wouldn't catch on in Singapore, but it appears we're not spared from the hype.

On Aug 2, Facebook user Thomas Blysk Kopankiewicz shared a video clip of himself doing a somewhat awkward rendition of the dance as the train pulls away from Clarke Quay station. The post has garnered over 87,000 views as of Aug 7.

Not so proudly but still presenting... SMRT #kikichallenge .

Posted by Thomas Blysk Kopankiewicz on Thursday, August 2, 2018

If you haven't heard of the #KikiChallenge, the social media craze was sparked by Canadian rapper Drake's latest hit "In My Feelings".

It inspired American comedian Shiggy to film himself dancing to the lines: "Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me."

But it is unclear how the challenge later evolved to involve drivers hopping off their moving vehicles to dance on the pavement.

To make things worse, video clips of the fans' attempts were featured at the end of Drake's official music video which has racked up 43 million views on YouTube.

Many people, however, are worried that the viral video will encourage more fans to mimic these dangerous moves.

According to the Washington Post, several people in the US have hurt themselves while attempting the challenge - a teen fractured her skull, one woman was robbed while others tripped over potholes.

The challenge also caused the police from Hong Kong, India, and the Philippines to issue safety advisories.

We know the #KikiChallenge fever is running high, but don't put your life at risk! Wear your seatbelt and stay safe in the car!

Posted by Caltex Singapore on Monday, August 6, 2018

In Singapore, Caltex posted a video on social media warning drivers about the dangers of the challenge. The clip showed its mascot stopping a young woman who slipped out of her running car to groove to the tune in a carpark. 

It wrote: "We know the #KikiChallenge fever is running high, but don't put your life at risk! Wear your seatbelt and stay safe in the car!"