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'We do not promise luxury', says Heritage Chalet after guest complains about $300-per-night stay in 'run-down' facility

'We do not promise luxury', says Heritage Chalet after guest complains about $300-per-night stay in 'run-down' facility
PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok/Keegennn

Cracked walls, stained chairs and cobwebs in the corners of the room.

That certainly wasn't what one guest was expecting when he checked into a "$300 plus" per night stay at Heritage Chalet, located at 125a Pasir Ris Road.

In a TikTok video posted on Saturday (Sept 24), user Keegennn shared a video that depicted the aforementioned condition of the room.

Besides the cracks on the walls and what looked to be mould growing on it, the video also showed a couple of huge brown stains on the ceiling.


Still asked the if they cleaned the room before hand and the lady said “Yep” and another staff said “This morning we just cleaned”

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Keegennn indicated his disbelief that the room had just been cleaned that morning, which was the answer he said he'd gotten from the chalet staff.

In replies to comments to the clip, Keegennn shared his opinion on the "horrible" management and how the place was "run-down". 

He added that he and his companions were also made to pay for a door which broke during their stay, claiming that they'd just "closed the door and one part of the door dropped out".

AsiaOne has reached out to Keegennn for more information.

A separate review posted on Google three months ago had also cited similar issues around the poor maintenance of Heritage's rooms and facilities.

Photos posted by the guest showed brown stains on a pillowcase and on the ceiling, as well as a mug left out on the balcony.

We refuse to be bullied: Heritage Chalet

In a statement provided to AsiaOne, Lily Kong, director of Heritage Chalet shared that Keegennn had booked a fully air-conditioned double chalet with four bedrooms, a living room and dining room, which can accommodate up to 10 people.

She stated: "This means a pax pays only $30 a night," adding, "we do not promise luxury".

She explained that the "green mould" was due to the "challenging elements of sun, rain and salty sea water".

Kong emphasised that the "chalet is clean" with clean bed linen provided, adding that the facility is cleaned thoroughly before guests check in at 3pm .

This entails "sweeping, mopping, emptying garbage, changing of bed linen".

Kong shared, however, that the chalet was last painted three years ago, and is due to be repainted soon according to schedule.

As for the broken door, Kong maintained that it was broken by the guests and the management had requested that they pay $50 to fix it.

Kong stated that the guest "was unhappy about it and threatened to put it on the media".

"We refuse to be bullied by the guests [and] we are abhorred that guests use the media to get their way," she added.

Kong also stated that Heritage Chalet is "a business enterprise which works hard to provide a no-frills accommodation for holidaymakers near the beach".

According to Kong, the range of activities available include archery, yoga, water sports, kayaking, Thai boxing and cycling.

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