'We got taken for a fool': Local private movie room operator at Jalan Besar rants about getting cheated by customers

'We got taken for a fool': Local private movie room operator at Jalan Besar rants about getting cheated by customers
PHOTO: TikTok/CozyPlaceSG

Running a small business is already hard, so it doesn't help when customers make things even more difficult. 

In a TikTok uploaded on Thursday (Dec 30), CozyRoom, an establishment specialising in renting out private movie rooms, shared how they "got cheated by one of [their] customers". 

The small business complained about how some guests snuck in additional non-paying patrons into a room meant only for two. 

When CozyCorner made the discovery, they confronted one of the four people, who told them they "didn't know" about this rule. 

"The booking package clearly states two pax," said CozyCorner in that TikTok video. 

The customer also justified themselves by saying they had seen a TikTok video by CozyCorner showing more than two customers in one room. 


When the small business asked the customers to pay the difference, they refused and "[weren't] happy". 

"To avoid an ugly situation, we said it's okay," recounted CozyCorner.

"It feels like we got disrespected and taken for a fool." 

In the comments, one netizen asked about the implications of having more than the stipulated number of guests in one room. 

CozyCorner explained that more people means more cleaning and management on their end. The room that this customer had booked was $59 for three hours during non-peak periods. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, CozyCorner said the incident happened a few months ago. 

"Our intention isn't to shame anyone, we don't want to name anybody, it's really just to share our experiences," they shared.

More unreasonable customers

Back in August, the owner of Nothing But Cheeseburger (NBCB), Tommy Wong, shared that a man had asked to have their half-eaten burgers changed as the patties were not "well done"

Wong's staff gave him a new burger but a while later, the man's father approached the staff with the same request for another burger. 

This time around, the burger was three-quarters eaten. 

Out of kindness, Wong's staff agreed to replace his burger — since they already replaced the son's. 

However, the man's mother later approached them too and asked for a replacement. the staff obliged with that request.

"Please don't do this to F&B shops, it's very unfair to them," Wong urged. "You basically wasted [everyone's] time... the shop don't even make money on your order, lose money some more." 


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