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'We had to change rooms twice': Singapore traveller shocked by condition of rooms in Phuket resort

'We had to change rooms twice': Singapore traveller shocked by condition of rooms in Phuket resort
Marcus Toh and his friends found cockroaches around their room as well as stains on the bed sheets.
PHOTO: Lemon8/Marcus

A man who was travelling with his friends was taken aback by the condition of their rooms at a resort in Phuket.

In a post on Lemon8 on Wednesday (Jun 12), user Marcus Toh, a traveller from Singapore, shared his experience staying in a resort while on a trip in Phuket, Thailand.

He and his friends had booked the accommodation as it was relatively cheap, but the decision "turned out to be a huge mistake", he wrote.

"We had to change rooms twice and downgrade to a smaller room due to how bad the conditions and cleanliness of the rooms were."

The post included pictures of cockroaches in the room, some dead and some alive, and black stains on the bed sheets.

Toh said that although he was sceptical of the room's worn-out appearance, he put up with it.

However, when the traveller entered the attached bathroom, he was greeted by a large cockroach.

The group then called hotel staff to help them remove the bug but found three more cockroaches when they returned to the room after having dinner.

Toh and his friends requested a change of room but found that their new accommodation was no better, and they had been downgraded to a smaller room with faulty air conditioning and black stains on the bed sheets.

After changing rooms for the second time, as they could not take the heat, Toh was relieved to find that the air conditioning in the new room was working.

However, there were still black stains on the bed and there was no Wi-Fi connection.

"But we were too tired to care anymore," he wrote.

Toh concluded that this experience had been a lesson for him and his friends to not cheap out on accommodations while travelling.

"It was our mistake for not researching properly as it is our first time planning an overseas trip together... at least the staff was nice," he said.

Similar reviews by other guests

A check by AsiaOne showed that the resort in question, which is located near Patong beach, has an overall rating of 3.7 stars on Google reviews with some guests praising its location and amenities.

At the same time, some reviews left by guests echo Toh's words regarding cleanliness and the condition of the rooms.

One reviewer wrote: "The AC setup is simply hopeless, which does not cool the area where one sleeps."

"Ceiling air-conditioning doesn't work at all and makes you sweaty till the morning." wrote another reviewer.

"Also the Wi-Fi was never working. People had to fight with the reception staff, but they always insisted that it was working."

Another review read: "The lack of internet, dimly lit pathways, and sudden issues with key access created a frustrating stay. It's disheartening when basic amenities and services fall short."

AsiaOne has reached out to Marcus Toh and the resort for more information.

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