'We may not be able to remove them': Don Don Donki puts up sign warning customers of worms in sashimi

'We may not be able to remove them': Don Don Donki puts up sign warning customers of worms in sashimi
PHOTO: TikTok/Singaporeatriumsale, Facebook/Jayice Tan

It's been about a week since a couple discovered worms in their sashimi rice bowl that they purchased from Don Don Donki

And reports about their experience have resulted in some members of the public criticising the Japanese supermarket. 

Now it seems the chain have taken the feedback seriously, judging by how swiftly they've printed out signs regarding their raw food. 

In a TikTok video uploaded last Wednesday (Feb 15), lifestyle platform Singapore Atrium Sale shared how they've noticed some new signs with the heading "Important Notice" during a recent visit to a Don Don Donki outlet at Orchard Central.

Some of these signs were at the chiller section containing sashimi. 

The notice said: "Please be aware that Anikasis (a genus of parasitic nematodes that can infect consumers of raw or undercooked fresh fish) might be present in wild fishes such as Mackeral, Horse Mackeral, Sardine, Squid, etc." 

The Japanese outlet added that although they have made the best attempt to remove Anisakis during processing, "we may not be able to remove them entirely if they are hidden deep inside the core of the fish".

The company added that if customers find these worms in their seafood products, they can contact the store where they purchased the item from and get a refund. 


In the comments, several netizens agreed that if a consumer wants to consume raw fish, they have to be aware of the risks and not blame the store. 

Another pointed out it was good enough that Don Don Donki is willing to provide refunds for customers who find worms in their raw food. 

In a previous AsiaOne article, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said that Ready-To-Eat (RTE) raw fish is considered a high-risk food as it does not go through a cooking process. 

Additionally, besides microbiological contamination, the consumption of RTE raw fish also carries a risk of contracting parasitic diseases.

"Nevertheless, through a joint responsibility approach to food safety, the risk of food-borne illness from eating RTE raw fish can be reduced," said SFA.

"Consumers who choose to eat RTE raw fish should be aware of the risks involved. As a general precaution, vulnerable people with lower immunity systems such as pregnant women, children and the elderly, or people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, should not consume raw fish."

AsiaOne has reached out to Don Don Donki for more details. 

Worms in their chilli flakes 

Sashimi isn't the only place where worms have been found in. 

On Jan 27, a family discovered worms in their chilli flakes while they were pouring it out onto their pizzas. They had purchased the chilli flakes from FairPrice. 

The so-called worms were likely maggots or larvae hatched from eggs laid by insects.

In response to a query from Stomp, FairPrice said: "We apologise for the unpleasant experience and would like to thank the customer for bringing this to our attention." 

The supermarket also issued the customer a refund. 


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