Where's Singapore? YouTuber offers 20 bucks to anyone in LA who can spot Lion City on map

Where's Singapore? YouTuber offers 20 bucks to anyone in LA who can spot Lion City on map
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Wilson Lim Setiawan

Unable to come home for the holidays, one Singaporean man decided to quiz people in Los Angeles, to see if they could identify where his home country was located on the world map. 

Armed with a giant world map printout, YouTuber Wilson Lim Setiawan, who is also a student at the University of Southern California, headed out to the streets, offering "20 bucks" to anyone who could correctly locate Singapore.

He posted his YouTube video on Tuesday (Dec 28), garnering almost 4,000 views.

Before inviting people to participate in his mini game, Lim first asked the people of Los Angeles what they knew about Singapore, and got some pretty interesting responses. 

Although there were some who replied that they did not know much about our city state, others recognised Singapore through the movie Crazy Rich Asians, and the Formula 1 night races.

One man, who had been to Singapore a few times, said that he remembered Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay. 

When it came to placing Singapore on the world map, two participants stood out. 

The first was a man who was not only able to state that Singapore was "towards the very end of Malaysia", but further impressed the YouTuber by naming the President and Prime Minister. 

"I know my geography," he said confidently, after winning the prize money of US$20 (S$27). 

Another player who impressed Lim was a young boy. 

"Singapore is in between Malaysia and Indonesia," he told Lim, as he stuck a blue post it to indicate where he thought the country was on the map.

Lim declared that he had the most accurate answer, earning a gleeful smile from the boy as he received the dollar bills.

There were many positive comments from netizens, who also praised the young boy for his knowledge. 



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