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Where's the technician? Woman pays over $3,000 deposit for air-con units that didn't arrive

Where's the technician? Woman pays over $3,000 deposit for air-con units that didn't arrive
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

She had hoped to beat the heat in her new home, but all she got was cold disappointment instead.

A woman surnamed Chen paid over $3,000 in deposit for an air-conditioner system in her Tampines flat last year but her technician never installed it, Shin Min Daily News reported on Sunday (Oct 15).

The interior designer for Chen's flat had recommended a air-con technician to the homeowner.

Last March, she paid half of the deposit for the wiring of the air-con system. A month later, she was asked to pay an additional 20 per cent of the deposit to "reserve" the system. 

Chen thought that something was amiss and asked the technician for a receipt.

Last June, the technician made four appointments with Chen to install the air-conditioner system but he never showed up, she said.

With every missed appointment, the technician promised compensation and a follow-up appointment to make amends, according to text messages seen by Shin Min.

But Chen could not take it anymore and contacted the air-conditioner supplier. She discovered the technician did not place an order at all.

Incensed, the woman decided to seek legal recourse against the technician's company, S Cool Aircon Pte Ltd, through the Small Claims Tribunal.


A different technician had to redo the air-con system's wiring in her flat as the previous technician did not do it properly, according to Chen.

The woman and her 80-year-old mother moved into their new home in December, four months later than planned.

"I didn't dare let my mother know about this, out of fear that it would make her upset," Chen told Shin Min.

Although a year had passed since the incident, the homeowner said that it caused her anguish, adding: "I don't want others to suffer like me."

Chen's interior designer told the Chinese evening daily that he had worked with the air-con technician for over three years.

However, he terminated their working relationship last year after receiving two negative reviews of the technician.

"He did a good job in the past… I don't know why the situation suddenly became like this.

"I asked him for an explanation and he only said he was very busy and had no time to install the air-conditioner."

The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) told Shin Min that it received eight complaints against the air-conditioning company as of October.

Melvin Yong, president of Case, shared that customers reported that the company would delay installation of air-con units after receiving payment. Customers were also unable to get refunds.

"On behalf of three customers, we have written to the company seeking solutions and refunds," Yong said.


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