White cat is GE2020's first winner after popping into CNA's live broadcast

PHOTO: Mediacorp/video screengrab

As the nation waits eagerly for any glimpse into the general election results, the internet sank its attention into a random white feline. 

The cat popped up quite suddenly (and adorably) behind CNA reporter Gwyneth Teo as she reported live from the front of Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s house. 

The Progress Singapore Party chief is contesting in West Coast GRC, but nowhere to be seen as a white cat wandered into frame and jumped across the front gate and into his estate. 

Because this is the internet we’re talking about, the white feline became a celebrity of sorts online. 

The cat has a friend, Teo confirmed. 

But the crucial information we needed: was the cat his? It's his neighbour's, says Dr Tan, but a feline friend, nonetheless.

PHOTO: Facebook/screengrab