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Why did the otters cross the road in Tiong Bahru?

Why did the otters cross the road in Tiong Bahru?
PHOTO: Stomp

A group of otters were spotted out and about on a family outing in Tiong Bahru on Sunday morning (Feb 28).

Stomp contributor Paul saw the adorable family crossing the road from Eng Watt Street to Kim Cheng Street at around 8am.

Paul, who shared photos and a video of the sighting, said: "It created quite a stir when the otters suddenly appeared and scrambled across the streets in the Tiong Bahru heartlands.

"I think it's intriguing. This is a heartland area so I believe it's actually uncommon for otters to appear here. They should be normally be spotted closer to sea or river shores."

A netizen also came across the cute creatures "enjoying a Sunday breeze" in the Tiong Bahru estate that same day.

A video posted online shows the otters frolicking on a grass patch as a woman in the background is heard gushing over how cute they are.

She added: "...Playing like an open zoo, man!"

Here are some dos and don'ts when encountering otters , according to the National Parks Board (NParks) website:

  • Do not touch, chase or corner the otters. Observe them from a distance. Going too close to the otters may frighten them.

  • Do not talk loudly and do not use flash photography. Noise and light may scare and provoke the otters.

  • Do not feed the otters. The otters have their own food in the environment and their natural eating habits keep the ecosystem healthy.

  • Do not litter or leave sharp objects in the water. Clean and safe waterways filled with fish and aquatic life make good habitats for the otters to frolic and feed in.

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