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'Why don't you book a bigger car?' Gojek driver fires back at passenger complaining his car's boot is too small

'Why don't you book a bigger car?' Gojek driver fires back at passenger complaining his car's boot is too small
PHOTO: TikTok/Fransterwong

The life of a private hire driver is no walk in the park and it can be pretty demoralising when a passenger leaves a bad rating. 

But are all such reviews justified? Driver Franster Wong certainly feels otherwise, after a recent incident with an unhappy Gojek passenger. 

In a TikTok video on Sunday (March 19), the freelance content creator, who is also a private hire driver for Gojek and Tada, shared how he recently received a one-star review from a male passenger on March 17. 

"Usually I don't care about such comments, but this one is too much," the 37-year-old said in a mix of English and Chinese. 

In the review, the passenger complained that Wong's car boot was small and could not accommodate his items, which included one big luggage and one carry-on luggage. 

"Driver does not help load the bags from pick up point and also does not help offload the bags at [the] destination," added the disgruntled passenger. 

Boot too small? Get an XL car 

In response, Wong said he felt this complaint was unfair as he drives a Honda Vezel. 

"Confirm can fit your luggage, you are the one who doesn't know how to rearrange your own luggage." 

Wong also pointed out that he did in fact offer to help the passenger with his luggage, when he picked him up and when he dropped him off at his destination.

However, on both occasions, the passenger declined Wong's help.


"When I got out of the car, I asked 'you need help or not' and you told me you didn't need it," he recounted. 

Wong went on to explain that when the passenger boarded the car, he did so with his carry-on luggage and Wong assumed he did so to have easier access to his belongings. 

But just as he was about to drive off, the passenger remarked: "I think you should change to a bigger car." 

The comment infuriated Wong and while recounting the incident, he retorted: "Why don't you book a bigger car?" 

The passenger also claimed in his review that Wong had asked him to book an XL car for his two pieces of luggage.  

Wong clarified that what he meant was if the passenger wanted a larger car with a bigger boot, he should have opted to get an XL-sized car instead.

"I didn't say you had to book a larger car because you had two bags, do you understand?" Wong said frustratedly.  

'I feel injustice': Wong

Speaking to AsiaOne, Wong said the incident happened on March 13 at around 6.45am. 

Wong explained that the incident escalated after the passenger told him to get a bigger car. 

"After so many years of driving, he is the first passenger who said my car is small and asked me to change to a bigger car," Wong told us. 

"I feel injustice because the luggage definitely can fit but you say that it cannot fit!" 

While Wong is unsure of how the rating may affect his job, he suspects that if a driver's rating is too low, the driver may get suspended, or the number of rides offered to them will be lesser. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Gojek for more details. 

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