'Why you block the entrance?' Man accuses driver of hitting him while reversing car into home, gets no sympathy online

'Why you block the entrance?' Man accuses driver of hitting him while reversing car into home, gets no sympathy online
The man had drawn two red circles to indicate the spot where he and the driver's neighbour were standing.
PHOTO: Facebook/Aaron Chua

While standing on the road outside a private residence in Upper Thomson, a man was allegedly hit by a driver, whom he claimed had reversed his vehicle into his house with no prior warning.

Taking to Facebook last Sunday (Dec 31) to air his grievances, Aaron Chua explained he was standing outside the house as he was buying something from the driver's neighbour, a seller on Carousell. 

Chua claimed that the driver did not wind down his car window nor honk to let the pair know that they were blocking the driveway, adding that he would have apologised and moved away if the driver had done so.

Instead, the driver allegedly reversed his car into them and even knocked Chua's shoulder while doing so. 

"We didn't even know that is his house or that he is reversing in. As the road was narrow, we thought he was doing a three-point turn to exit," wrote a disgruntled Chua. 

It was "like attempting murder", he wrote in the post. 

Chua added that the driver also claimed that he owned the road outside his house, and the former asked if this was true in his Facebook post. 

When AsiaOne visited the Upper Thomson residence on Wednesday morning (Jan 3), a family member of the driver who witnessed the scene shared that Chua and his neighbour had been standing outside their home and blocking the driveway for around 10 minutes.

He added that the CCTV cameras in his home had captured footage of the incident but declined to share the footage nor comment further on the matter. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Chua for more information.

Netizens divided

In the comments, some netizens criticised Chua for standing on the road and obstructing the driver. 

One netizen exclaimed: "If you stand along the road to talk with someone, then you endanger yourself and other road users as you already said the road is narrow! Go to the pavement to talk or chat for your own safety!"

"Why you want to stand and block the entrance of other people's driveway? Can stand at other places right?" questioned another.

Some also pointed out if it was physically possible for the homeowner's car to hit Chua's shoulder.

"To be fair to the car owner, how can his car hit your shoulder?" commented one.

Another wrote: "The way you said the car hit your shoulder... how? If hit your legs understand but shoulder..."

On the other hand, other users opined that the driver was in the wrong for hitting Chua and could have been more courteous.

"Doesn't matter whose road, if he bangs you, he is wrong. And even more wrong when its intentional," wrote one Facebook user.

"Pedestrians have the right of way in this instance. Having hit you, that has the potential to be a serious offence. Private roads or not, a vehicle can be a dangerous weapon," commented another.

"Regardless of if he owns the road or not, he can't just injure anyone. He's liable even if he is to injure you at his house. The road belongs to LTA," said a netizen.

"But then again, it's a little rude that you guys are just standing at that spot to deal."

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