Woman argues with FairPrice staff, accuses another shopper of opening product in supermarket

Woman argues with FairPrice staff, accuses another shopper of opening product in supermarket
Woman (in sleeveless top) complaining to supermarket staff about the TikTok user's father..
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Theryandudee

Working as a supermarket staff must be tough if these TikTok videos posted by user Theryandudee are anything to go by.

The TikTok videos posted on Monday (April 11) showed a woman in a sleeveless top having a heated conversation with some of FairPrice Finest staff.

The woman claimed she saw a man, whom the TikTok user claimed to be his father, opening a supposedly sealed product inside the supermarket.

She then allegedly called over a supermarket staff to solve this issue. It is unclear which supermarket outlet the incident occurred in.


"According to what the man said, the cap or seal was already not sealed up," a staff patiently explained to her.

"So, all these things, if they are not sealed up, can just open them, is it? Are you telling me that?" the woman sniped back in the video, pointing to products in the background.

As three FairPrice staff members tried to mitigate the situation, another woman could be heard saying "I got the whole day". She added that she would not pay for the product and would call the police.

Upon hearing that the TikTok user was open to getting the police involved, the woman in the sleeveless top allegedly walked away.

TikTok user Theryandudee explained in a separate video that the product's cap had dropped off.

The product was a bottle of Vicks cream and the woman allegedly told Theryandudee's father off, claiming she could smell the product.


The TikTok user said the problem escalated with the woman calling his father "uncivilised" and an "animal".

She was also heard saying on the video: "When I say 'please do not act like an animal', that's not an outright profanity. Go talk to a lawyer".

According to the TikTok user, the FairPrice staff resolved the matter by keeping the product and asking him and his father not to pay for for it. 

In the comments section, one netizen wondered why the woman was acting like she owns the shop while another questioned if it was even necessary to involve the police in such a trivial matter.

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