Woman files police report against Telegram channel 'perverts' who slid into her DM

Woman files police report against Telegram channel 'perverts' who slid into her DM

One woman was sickened to receive suggestive messages from people she did not even know on messaging app Telegram.

To her horror, her username and pictures had been circulated on a Singapore-based Telegram channel.

In a series of Instagram Stories on June 13, Verlin Wee shared a story that would be every girl's nightmare.

She recently received multiple private and secret chats from strangers and it made her wonder why.

It was only after some snooping around, a friend alerted her to photos of her shared on the channel SG Telebabes without her knowledge. 

The channel consists of around 2,600 members and is dedicated to sharing photos of young women along with their usernames.

Photos of women in the channel are updated through anonymous submissions, before being uploaded by the admin.

Unfortunately, photos of Wee drew unnecessary attention as some channel members sent messages her way. 

Not one to entertain the bunch, she immediately filed an online police report against them. 

Furthermore, the 20-year-old called them out in an Instagram story, labelling them "perverts" and identifying their usernames.

"It's just really disturbing that there are over 2,500 people in the Telegram channel waiting on pictures of girls and their ID so they can DM (direct message) them to try and make whatever advances they intend to in their heads," Wee told AsiaOne.

She shared that out of the four people who texted her, one has already deleted his whole chat log with her. 

AsiaOne understands that the case is still under police investigation.


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