Woman orders over $1,000 worth of mooncakes online, shocked to find most will expire in 10 days; seller responds

Woman orders over $1,000 worth of mooncakes online, shocked to find most will expire in 10 days; seller responds
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That is a lot of mooncakes.

A woman paid $1,128.33 for 15 boxes of mooncakes, only to discover that most of them would expire in only 10 days from the delivery day.

The seller, Peach Garden, told Stomp that it has since offered the customer an exchange for the mooncakes.

Stomp contributor JC recounted: "I bought more than $1,000 worth of mooncakes from Peach Garden to give to friends, family, customers and business associates.

"I ordered them online on Aug 31 and they were delivered on Sept 4.

"I was shocked to find out later on that a majority of the mooncakes were going to expire in 10 days! If one of my customers had not told me that, I would have never checked or noticed.

"I would be so embarrassed to give expired mooncakes to people. What if they fall sick from eating them?"

She said the expiry date for a few of the mooncakes was Sept 14.

"Many things went through my mind. Is Peach Garden being dishonest by providing me old batches of mooncakes?

"The instructions say that the baked mooncakes are best consumed within 10 days and can be kept in the refrigerator for three weeks. Why do they only give me 10 days?"

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for Peach Garden said: "First and foremost, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we take all complaints seriously.

"Once we were notified of this situation, our outlet manager promptly initiated contact with the customer to thoroughly understand the situation. Upon investigation, it became evident that the customer's concern pertained to the shelf life of our mooncakes.

"We have since extended our sincere apologies to the customer and explained our mooncake production process. Peach Garden takes immense pride in crafting 100 per cent handmade, preservative-free mooncakes.

"To clarify, our mooncakes are best enjoyed within 10 days of purchase; this information is shared with our customers and is also mentioned in our product guidelines.

"Typically, the expiry dates for our mooncakes fall between two to three weeks from the date of production, ensuring that they maintain their freshness for an extended period compared to other brands.

"In this instance, our associate mistakenly packed the wrong batch of mooncakes into the order and we have worked to rectify the situation by offering immediate solutions to address the customer's concerns, including a one-for-one exchange for both the customer's remaining mooncakes and those already distributed to their customers at their convenience."

The exchange was done on Friday morning (Sept 15) and the Stomp contributor was given extra boxes of mooncakes as a gesture of goodwill, said the spokesperson.

"Peach Garden places great importance on providing preservative-free mooncakes that distinguish us from other OEM (original equipment manufacturer) mooncakes in the market.

"We sincerely hope that this clarifies any misunderstanding regarding the expiration of our mooncakes and reaffirms our commitment to offering high-quality products to our valued customers."

The Stomp contributor has this advice for consumers: "Please check the expiry dates of the mooncakes before purchasing and when receiving the delivery."

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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