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Woman suffers broken ankle after going down slide at indoor inflatable playground in Jurong East

Woman suffers broken ankle after going down slide at indoor inflatable playground in Jurong East
PHOTO: Stomp

A woman broke her ankle in several places after going down a slide at an indoor inflatable playground in Singapore.

The Stomp contributor, who wished to remain anonymous, told Stomp that she visited Bouncy Paradise at 200 Pandan Gardens in Jurong East on Dec 21, 2022.

"I went down one of their slides and my right ankle immediately broke upon landing," she said.

"According to the doctor, my ankle injury was really, really bad and all three ankle bones were badly broken."

The Stomp contributor had to undergo surgery following the injury. She shared X-ray images showing several screws implanted in her ankle.

She is currently in a cast and is not allowed to bear any weight on her ankle.

"I'm coping with the pain and swelling with painkillers," she said.

"The staff at Bouncy Paradise took my details for their incident reporting but no one contacted me to ask if I was OK.

"I was the one who contacted Bouncy Paradise and spoke to a person in charge of operations.

"I highlighted the safety lapses in their inflatable playground and that the slide I took was too steep and too dangerous.

"I am petite in size and yet, I suffered a broken ankle upon landing so I cannot imagine what might happen to a heavy-weight adult going down that slide.

"They claimed everything was safe from their point of view and nothing is wrong with that particular slide."

The Stomp contributor added that she is just 49kg and that she did not engage in any unsafe act, which was verified by Bouncy Paradise after reviewing CCTV footage.

She told Stomp she was assured that their management would support her and requested her X-rays and hospital bills.

"However, once I sent the documents, he became uncontactable and no one replied to my messages.

"I am so disappointed and disgusted with their management."

On Friday (Jan 20), a Bouncy Paradise spokesman responded to Stomp regarding the incident and said they are aware of the situation and have been corresponding with the customer.

"She has requested for medical compensation so we requested for medical documents/bills and also requested for any insurance claim documents for the claims that she might have made but only the preliminary hospital bill has been passed to us thus far," the spokesman said.

"We are currently still waiting for the complete set of documents prior to discussing what can be done for her."

The Stomp contributor told Stomp that she also received a reply on Jan 20 but felt Bouncy Paradise responded to her only after she reported the incident to Stomp.

"If they are really sincere in following up on my case, they should have at least replied with a status even if 'their management is away on holiday', according to what they claimed," she said.

"If I had not reported to Stomp, I believe I would never ever get a response from them at all."

The Stomp contributor said she wanted to share what happened to her to raise awareness, especially because the playground is popular with kids.

"I did a check on their Facebook reviews and I was surprised I was not the only one who suffered injuries and there are others also complaining about their safety," she said.

"Amongst these reviews, there are some who suffered injuries but didn't escalate their incidents to the management.

"I realised perhaps it's time for someone to really bring up these safety concerns to them.

"My accident case should be a wake-up call to their management."

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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