Woman tells driver to park properly at MBS, but she was the one who parked wrongly

It's the bane of all drivers — a car that's parked too close for comfort.

On Tuesday (Oct 1), a displeased driver was forced to climb out from her Mazda at a carpark in Marina Bay Sands because the Volvo next to her car was not "parked properly".

She even left a handwritten note for the other driver: "I think you need to learn how to park properly especially when the parking lots here are extremely limited."

"I had to get out from the other side (of my car). Thanks!"

PHOTO: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

Her note sounded polite but the woman ranted in an Instagram story: "(I) was so pissed off that I had to climb over the other side and there's f***ing limited lots here."

But it looks like the lady might be the one in need of some guidance herself.

1oct2019 mbs b4 carpark lady driver of mazda mx5 #SGT7168R parked left of volvo #SLJ6595R camcar & left a note, nope,...

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Dashcam footage posted on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante revealed that she had reversed her blue sports car into the space between the black sedan and a pillar.

It was a tight squeeze but she managed to pull it off. She then exited her car and snapped several photos of the Volvo before she left a note on its windscreen and walked away.

It turns out that the spot where she parked her car was not a parking lot — it had neither floor marking nor lot number.

Now that this driver's folly is out there for all to see, will a traffic ticket come her way soon?

The woman had reversed her blue sports car into the space between the black sedan and a pillar. PHOTO: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

While many netizens are amused by the parking blunder, a Facebook user, who also drives a Mazda two-seater, said it isn't unreasonable for the female driver to mistake the space for a parking lot.

She wrote: "The 'lot' was once an actual lot. But when they widened the columns, one out of three lots was removed, they used dark grey paint to 'remove' the lot but the overhead indicators were never removed and it was lit up in green to indicate an empty lot.

"Because of how low the MX5 is, and the fact that they don't come with seats with adjustable height, it can be hard to see the lines clearly, unless you're very tall."