Woman visits SuperPark Singapore, ends up with broken nose

Woman visits SuperPark Singapore, ends up with broken nose

Correction: Serene Tan signed the liability waiver before the accident, not after.

A woman's trip to SuperPark Singapore ended with a visit to the hospital after she took a baseball to the face. 

In a Facebook post made by Serene Tan, she shared how she was excited to try the baseball station at the attraction for the first time. Since its opening on Nov 17, many have been interested in the park's massive indoor playground for both adults and children.

But events took a bloody turn after Tan's baseball ricocheted off a pole and into her face.


"Due to the safety negligent structure where no full face mask and when the soft net placed near to pillar wall. Ball hit and rebounce at high speed straight on my nose [sic]," said Tan as she shared about the unfortunate accident. 

Tan included a video which captured the exact moment the ball hit her face, gaining almost 300,000 views as of today. 


Netizens immediately took to the comments to question SuperPark Singapore's lack of safety assessment. Like Tan, many questioned why SuperPark Singapore could not ensure the safety of their guests. 

Users like PH PH Lim pointed out that the layout of the baseball pitch might have caused the freak accident to happen.

Though medics were there to treat the injury, Tan still suffered a depressed nasal fracture and had to be hospitalised for further treatment. She thanks herself for investing in an insurance plan that covered her medical expenses, which amounted to $30,000. 

While others have tussled in the comments section over who was to blame, Tan has resigned herself to the fact that the incident happened just because she was unlucky. She had signed a liability waiver before using the facilities.

In a statement, SuperPark CEO Mark Kumarasinhe said his team has reached out to Tan after the incident and continues to monitor her recovery.

He also shared his thoughts on the episode, "Even though we hold the highest safety standard for every SuperPark sites we operate in, still any injury causes us great concern. We will take a serious review with a goal of improving our safety standards to further enhance our procedures if it is necessary."


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