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Woman's Chinese New Year snacks arrive destroyed

Woman's Chinese New Year snacks arrive destroyed
PHOTO: Stomp

A woman was dismayed at the state of the cookies she had ordered on e-commerce site Shopee for Chinese New Year.

Stomp contributor Sherly shared with Stomp that she had ordered four bottles of kuih kapit from Malaysia-based seller on Feb 1 and paid a total of $52.15 for them.

She received the cookies on Feb 16 and was shocked when they arrived all smashed up and looking nothing like the photos on the website.

"The cookies came in a box and bubble wrap but it was a shocking sight to see that our CNY cookies had become like cereal," she said.

"One of the bottles had even cracked.

"I have some guests coming over this weekend too.

"I'm really speechless."

Sherly alerted both Shopee and the seller to the state of the cookies and received an apology from the seller.

She also received a call from Shopee informing her that her refund will take seven to 14 working days to process.

"The refund takes quite long compared to when we buy, it's an almost immediate deduction," she said.

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