WP's Terence Tan pays a visit to Pulau Ubin voters, catches netizen by surprise

PHOTO: Instagram/singaporeson

For those who may not know, the islands of Singapore belong to constituencies too. And Pulau Ubin belongs to East Coast GRC, which Workers' Party (WP) member Terence Tan is contesting in. 

Tan made a trip there to reach out to residents, with his journey documented by photographer Edwin Koo and shared on Instagram yesterday (July 7). 

In the photos, Tan can be seen on his bicycle, cycling around the island and going from house to house, even if it means climbing up unmarked paths to reach them. 

PHOTO: Instagram/singaporeson

He is also captured giving a fist bump to a resident. According to Koo, during the circuit breaker period, there were only three residents who remained on the island — Mrs Lee, her son and a domestic helper. 

PHOTO: Instagram/singaporeson

Tan also spoke to those who were visiting the island for the day.

One netizen wrote about his encounter with Tan in an Instagram Story, which was also shared by WP,  saying that just before bumping into the WP member, he was wondering which GRC the island belonged to and if any candidate would appear during his visit.

PHOTO: Screengrab/ Instagram

“Kudos to him and the volunteer for making the trip and cycling around Ubin,” he wrote, adding that his question to Tan about whether Nicole Seah would appear on Ubin was in jest.

For this year's election, East Coast GRC is contested by the WP team, comprising Tan, Dylan Ng, Kenneth Foo, Nicole Seah and Abdul Shariff Aboo Kassim, and the PAP team of Heng Swee Keat, Maliki Osman, Jessica Tan, Cheryl Chan and Tan Kiat How.