Wrong order? Netizen finds a cockroach in his meal after getting the incorrect dish delivered

PHOTO: Facebook/Kife Wee

Encountering a cockroach may be terrifying to some, but to find a dead one in your meal can be quite the experience.

Facebook user Kife Wee wrote a lengthy post discovering a dead cockroach in his wrongly delivered dish of pork ribs on Thursday (Aug 5), which has garnered over 140 shares. 

[COCKROACH FOUND IN OUR FOOD] Sometimes when you read posts online about insects in people’s food, it makes me wonder...

Posted by Kife Wee on Thursday, August 5, 2021

He made the order from Tong Garden Seafood Restaurant’s Bedok outlet – having ordered a couple of times within the past few months – via Deliveroo. 

In the post, Wee had contacted Deliveroo after realising the mistake, and had asked if the company could collect the wrongly delivered dish, as this was not what he ordered.

However, he was told by Deliveroo that he could have the dish free of charge and decided to try the pork ribs.

"I was in disbelief at first when I saw the cockroach. In my mind I saw it and I was rejecting the fact that it was a cockroach until I used my chopstick to flip it," he said, adding that the correct order of fish head curry arrived at the same time he discovered the cockroach.

"At this point in time, we have already lost all our appetite," he said in the post, adding that Deliveroo is investigating.

“Food safety is an absolute priority for us and we know our customers would expect nothing less,” a Deliveroo spokesperson told AsiaOne. 

The statement said that Deliveroo’s partners are required to maintain standards set in their hygiene policy and checks are conducted by Deliveroo as well.

“We have spoken to the restaurant about this case and will be issuing a full refund to the customer," the spokesperson added.