You Do...What? Episode 6: Smartphone & Gaming Addiction Counsellor


Eyes glued to the smartphone screen all day, reluctant to go to work? If that's you, beware! You might already be addicted to your smartphone.

The proliferation of digital devices has brought about an increase in the number of youths seeking counselling treatment for their addiction to smartphones and online gaming. Seemingly easy, counselling is by no means a straightforward chat as TOUCH Youth Intervention's Senior Counsellor Andrea Chan shares tips on how to help these youths.

To better understand the mindset of youths addicted to smartphones and online gaming, Andrea personally plays online games and tries out the most popular smartphone applications.

Andrea advises parents to play a more active role to minimise their children's dependence on smartphones and online games. 

"If a child is addicted to gaming, his parent can try to understand the game or learn from the child how to play it so the child will know his parents do care about his hobbies," said Andrea.

In this episode of You Do...What?, host Toh Yan Wei meets with Andrea to find out how she helps youths overcome their smartphone and online gaming addictions, and even tried to play counsellor! How did she fare? Watch to find out!

About "You Do...What?"

As technology advances, some jobs that were non-existent in the past have emerged, while some others have withstood the test of time. 

In this 7-part series, join host Toh Yan Wei (Chinese Media Group NewsHub Journalist) as she gets hands-on experience with some unconventional jobs in a journey of
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"You Do...What?" is one of 16 short-form video series produced by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), as part of the second season of SPH's Public Service Broadcast content. A new episode is uploaded on to the website and mobile app every fortnight, starting from 21 August 2018. All episodes come with Chinese and English subtitles.