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'You sound like such a fun mum': Netizens riled up over mum who forbids child from eating birthday cakes in preschool

'You sound like such a fun mum': Netizens riled up over mum who forbids child from eating birthday cakes in preschool
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Kyraxinyu

Birthday celebrations are usually incomplete without a cake. But for this mother, she would rather her child eat fruits instead.

Taking to TikTok on Thursday (Dec 1), Kyraxinyu shared about her unusual rule for her son.

The mother said: "When his friends are eating cakes during their birthday celebrations at his [pre-school], I got the teachers to offer him fruits instead.

"But he's more than welcome to sing and celebrate the happy occasion with [them]."


The only exception for the "no cake rule" in school was her son's birthday, according to Kyraxinyu.

She said: "When I was preparing the cake [for my son's birthday], I asked the teacher 'how big should the cake be', and she says 'it should be enough for 25 to 30 slices'.

"So if the teacher [tells me that], it most probably means that your child will be eating 25 to 30 slices of cake in school for the entire year. Am I right?"

That excessive amount of sweet treats is too much even for adults, let alone a "growing" child who needs the right nutrients, Kyraxinyu said, adding that she does not want her child to associate junk food with celebrations. 

"I'm just glad that I made a very good decision to let my child eat fruits when his friends have their birthday cakes", she added.

In the comments, several netizens were riled up over how this mother is "depriving" her child's childhood.

"You sound like such a fun mum," a netizen sarcastically quipped, while another said she was "lucky" that Kyraxinyu is not her mum.

Another netizen said that while Kyraxinyu's concerns "are legit", she should allow her child to grow up learning to make decisions.

In the comments, Kyraxinyu replied: "He asked, I explained, he accepted. When I asked if he would like to choose another snack when his friends were eating chips, he chose [to have] a banana."

A netizen also suggested a flaw in the mother's argument for imposing the cake ban.

"Some children celebrate their birthday during the weekend or school holiday. or just with their family in their home," she said.

But other netizens defended Kyraxinyu's parenting style.

"He's your child, you have every right to make the best decisions for him," a netizen said.

AsiaOne has contacted Kyraxinyu for more information.

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