'You think I'm interested in your f****** law?' Passenger rages at SIA cabin crew for not getting him water

'You think I'm interested in your f****** law?' Passenger rages at SIA cabin crew for not getting him water
The passenger and air steward arguing.
PHOTO: TikTok/Simplyhappy777

[UPDATE: Nov 10, 9.40 am]

A SIA spokesperson told AsiaOne that a passenger on board flight SQ711, which departed Bangkok for Singapore on Nov 8, was behaving in an unruly manner during meal service.

After his multiple requests for alcohol, the cabin crew politely declined to serve him the drink to ensure the safety of the other passengers on the flight.

The man also did not comply with safety instructions from the cabin crew and “caused annoyance and inconvenience” to fellow passengers, the airline added.

He was handed over to the auxiliary police upon arrival at Singapore Changi Airport.

"The safety of our passengers and staff is always our top priority," SIA said, apologising to all passengers affected by this incident.

The life of a cabin crew is already challenging in itself, so it doesn't help when an unruly passenger kicks up a fuss onboard. 

In a TikTok video posted yesterday (Nov 8), it documented a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew being verbally abused by a passenger. 

In the video captions, it said that SQ711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangkok on Nov 8, 2022 where "this crazy passenger threatened to push over the SQ crew if he does not give him water".

At the start of the 90-second clip, a male passenger wearing a cap and red varsity jacket was seen arguing with the male cabin crew.

"Why don't you get me f****** water you f****** idiot," he said to the crew member, who in response, asked the passenger to not raise his voice and return to his seat. 

Ignoring him, the passenger continued to berate the air steward and told him: "You think I'm interested in your f****** law?" 

Apart from that, the passenger also threatened him, saying: "I'm going to push you over." 

According to the video caption, the seat belt sign was still on and all passengers were supposed to be seated. 

In another TikTok video, this man was seen sitting on the floor of the plane talking to other passengers.  

Later on, the passenger also agitatedly told an unknown person behind the air steward: "I asked for water for two hours, you are defending him?"

Eventually, the air steward passed the passenger a bottle of water, who sarcastically responded: "After two hours? Wow, thank you so much".


After gulping down the water, a uniformed man wearing a neon vest approached the passenger, presumably to escort him off the plane.

Upon seeing this, the rest of the passengers onboard applauded and broke into a cheer. 

In the video caption, it was said that the unruly passenger was whisked away by ground staff security. 

AsiaOne has reached out to SIA and the police for more details. 

Unsurprisingly, many netizens weren't very impressed with the man's attitude, with some calling him a "public nuisance" and "childish". 

However, there were also a few who wondered why the man was not given water for two hours. 

According to the Protection from Harassment Act, an individual who uses any threatening, abusive or insulting words to another person can be fined up to $5,000, be imprisoned for a term not exceeding six months, or both.

Unfortunately, other cabin crew have encountered their own fair experiences of abusive passengers. 

On Sept 26, one American passenger, La Andy Hien Duc, claimed there was a bomb in one of the bags on his flight, which departed from San Francisco.

Apart from grabbing another passenger's luggage form the cabin's overhead compartment, he also assaulted a male cabin crew member when the latter tried to restrain him. 

Checks after the incident did not reveal any suspicious items in the passenger's luggage.

Hien Duc was later sentenced to four weeks' jail on Nov 4 after he pleaded guilty to an assault charge for slapping the air steward.


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