Youth dashes into middle of the road to do push-ups, sit-ups before getting horned at by oncoming traffic

In this week's edition of youths doing stupid things and posting them to Instagram, a young man was caught on video running into the middle of the road to do push-ups and sit-ups.

Stomp contributor Fyan alerted Stomp to the video posted on @netizensofs1ngapore's Instagram feed and said, "This is unacceptable behaviour".

In the video, the youth is seen running out onto the road to perform some push-ups facing oncoming traffic.

Just when you think he's done, he starts doing sit-ups as well.

He only manages to do two before he is forced to run back to the sidewalk after getting horned at by an approaching vehicle.

The caption on the video reads: "NAPFA test gold material."

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time youths have put themselves in danger's way "all for the 'gram".

In December last year, a youth was seen climbing over a railing to pull down his shorts and smack his buttocks in the middle of the road.

In August of the same year, a young man was seen running out onto a road in Bukit Batok to do 5 push-ups before running back again.