Armed police deployed in West Auckland after report of possible gunshot

PHOTO: Video screengrab

WELLINGTON - New Zealand police deployed specialist armed officers to a suburb in West Auckland on Wednesday morning (April 3) after responding to reports that a shot may have been fired.

"Police are making enquiries ... The Armed Offenders Squad has been deployed to the area as a precaution," a police spokesman told Reuters by phone, adding that major roads in the area had been cordoned off.

The New Zealand Herald reported that the police are "negotiating" with a man who has locked himself in a house at the suburb of Glen Eden.

Local media also reported schools and preschools in the area were in lockdown but this was lifted shortly after midday.

Passerby Richard Ramage, who lives nearby, told The New Zealand Herald that there was a disturbance earlier before the police arrived at the scene.

"From what I am aware, the man has locked himself in the house and is refusing to come out," he was quoted as saying.

The country has had a high-security alert in place since March 15 when a gunman attacked two mosques, killing 50.

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