Baby amazes internet with her first word - 'Google'

PHOTO: Video screengrab from Twitter/cliobablio

No incoherent babbling or basic 'goo-goo ga-ga' for this tiny tot. The baby has spoken, and her first word is 'Google'. 

Los Angeles dad Joe Pitt was singing and dancing with his daughter two weeks ago when he tried to activate a Google device in the child's nursery.

"Hey Google, play the [unintelligible] song," Pitt is heard saying in a video clip.

That's when the nearly year-old baby chimed in as well, clearly repeating the word "Google". 

The stunned dad stood speechless for a second, before calling out to wife Clio Chiang, "Hey Clio, she just said 'Google'."

Chiang posted the short clip from the family's baby monitor on Twitter, tagging Google. She wrote: "Welps, my baby's first word is Google."


The thread soon blew up, with more than 12,000 likes and a slew of humorous responses, including a jibe at Yahoo.

Many found the clip adorable and saw it as a monetisable opportunity.

"Google needs to pay for this kid's college fund," wrote one user.

Another exclaimed, quite accurately, "What a child of the 21st century!" 

But of course, you can't please everyone: 

No matter, as Google must have liked what they saw.

The VP of Product Marketing at Google, Marvin Chow, replied to Chiang's thread, stating he loved the story and would like to to send the family "a little something".

We're not sure what that something is, but Chiang made clear that she'd like the internet to focus on other more important things.

"Thanks for all the dumb internet attention, everyone. Please donate to children who are not obsessed with getting Google to play Baby Shark:," she wrote, providing a link to Unicef USA.