Daily roundup: Beauty queen stripped of crown after night of partying - and other top stories today

Fallen idol: Haneesya (centre) and other competitors during the Dewi Remaja contest.
PHOTO: The Star/ Asia News Network

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Beauty queen stripped of crown after night of partying

Winner of a Malaysian beauty contest Haneesya Hanee has lost her title after a video emerged online apparently showing her and her fellow finalists partying at a nightclub. The 19-year-old appealed to the public to stop... » READ MORE

2. Grab suspends account of passenger who made unreasonable demands, went "berserk" and accused driver of hitting pregnant wife

Photo: STOMP

To the driver's credit, he remains calm throughout the ride until the passenger says, "If you don't understand the concern, then you are a... » READ MORE

3. Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu can't wait to have another child

Photo: Instagram/Myoliemyolie, Hakkaphil

When it comes to a second child, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu is well aware that time is not on her side. Said the actress in an interview: "I hope to have another one, especially since... » READ MORE

4. New laws to be tabled soon to ban sale of illegal streaming devices in Singapore

The legality of media streaming boxes has been a grey and contentious area as copyright holders have found it difficult to apply many of the usual legal avenues created in the DVD era.Photo: Lianhe Zaobao​

The new laws will impose civil and criminal liability on people who wilfully distribute or sell a product that can be used to access pirated content if the product is designed for such access or advertised as such. It will also be illegal to... » READ MORE